Project Reports and CMA Data

Detailed Project Report

A detailed project report is a written document that describes in detail how a business, usually but not necessarily, a new one, is going to achieve its goals. It describes a business, its nature, its products or services, how it will earn money, leadership and staffing, financing, operations model, and other details like swot analysis that are essential to both operation and success. While a DPR is required by anyone seeking funding, whether, from financial institutions or investors, it is recommended for all start-ups because it serves as the business route for funding.
The finance experts team at Techmin Consulting will undertake the preparation of your detailed Business Plan considering all RBI/Banking norms and respective Industry Standards. This will ensure that your business gets the required funding at the right time and without much hassles.

CMA Data

CMA Report stands for Credit Monitoring Arrangement report. In this, past, present, and projected figures are included in a format with all the required financial analysis and ratios. Based on this report the Bankers and Financial Analysts to ascertain the financial health of a business. The Bankers and financial institutions request all loan applicants to prepare a realistic CMA report to understand the flow and application of funds in a business.
CMA Report is essentially an assessment of the Working Capital Needs of a business. There are certain industry-standard Ratios that need to be in place for a bank to be comfortable to grant working capital (Cash Credit) against Stock and/or Debtors balance.